Winter and the element of WATER

Seasonal Update:
Winter and The Element of Water

The kidney and Bladder meridians and a party of YIN.

Winter is the time when the yang energy has retreated and we get a rise in the deep, dark YIN. I know you can feel it. It’s cold… it’s dark….. it’s slow….. and not much is moving.

In the body, our energies go deeper into the organs and bones. We cultivate warmth and regeneration through REST. We tend to need more sleep, quiet time, contemplation, and introversion. This is a time to get in touch with our INNER selves.

The kidney and bladder meridians of the WATER element run along the back of the body. Symptoms of deficiency will be fear and anxiety, feeling too cold, insomnia or broken sleep, lethargy, and back pain.

When these meridians are healthy we feel strong, rested, nourished, and supported and feel that we are moving forward in our lives.

Our bodies will crave more warm foods, hot baths and in general need more minerals to feed to yin and the bones; so slow – cooked soups and stews – especially bone broth! can be excellent foods.

Magnesium, sea salt and minerals from seaweed both internally and externally supplement the kidney and bladder’s energetic and physical needs. Deep leafy greens (are they ever not needed?) and whole grains can also support our mineral needs during this time. Adding sea salt and dulse flakes to foods is a good way to get daily minerals.

In addition to minerals, eating more fat supports the organs and helps to keep the body warm. Coconut oil, grass fed butter and fish oil all have excellent Omegas.

Because of the lack of warmth from the sun, we need to use this very INTERNAL time of contemplation to create our own heat by cultivating our deep fires within.

Nourish your YIN by going WITHIN!