True healing is a journey into the self.

energetic universeIn Ensoflow Shiatsu sessions, I work with people who are on a healing path. The work that I do is spiritual, even though I work with the physical body. My tools are therapeutic massage techniques, energy points and meridians, and the flow of Qi; but what I actually do is help people to shift patterns of energy.

In order to heal anything, we must start by allowing energy to flow. Flow to us, flow through us, flow out of us. Because we are energetic beings, carrying the same molecular imprints as the universe (chemistry) as well as the earth (biology) and spirit (meta-physics), we can work with and access the energies around us in order to create balance. Creating balance allows us to transform dis-harmony into harmony and dis-ease into ease. This is the path to heal.

What does it mean to be on a healing path?

The healing path is a journey into the self. Like the hero’s journey, we dive deep into the true nature, noticing and unraveling the layers that are covering the Self, and then nurturing the Self into the fullest expression of Who We Really Are. This will look different for every person because it’s a personal journey. There is no one way to heal. There is no right way to heal. And there is no healing that can be done outside the self.

soul meets bodyHealing anything is a journey that connects you to WHO YOU REALLY ARE. It is the key that unlocks all of the doors to living in Joy, Abundance, Connection, Peace, and Purpose. Symptoms and sickness are messages that something is amiss. Learning to detach from a symptom or illness opens doors for communication between you and your body. You might ask, “Body, what are you trying to tell me with this pain? What part of my life is out of balance? What do I need to know?” Or you may seek the help of a practitioner.

Here are 10 tips to help you on your Healing Journey.

1)  Believe in your ability to heal. Deepak Chopra says that we create a whole new body every 7 years. Every cell that we create, over and over, is creating a new us. So we can begin to create our healthiest self NOW. Start by paying attention. Learn healing pathto LISTEN to your symptoms and your body, to get to KNOW yourself. They can be really intense; like pain, or nausea- and it is good to get help for these symptoms; yet you can’t take it all that seriously. To heal you need a sense of detachment. Quite the paradox, healing is.

2) Commit to your journey and prepare for the ride. We don’t know where this journey will take us, and we don’t exactly know the outcome. We do know that we are going to gain connection with our selves, develop a deeper relationship with both ourselves and the world around us, and learn things along the way. After all, we are discovering more of who we really are, and more of how we are connected to the world. When we let go, life can bring us outcomes that are BETTER than anything that we can imagine with our limited human consciousness.

3) Gather a healing team. We all need support- and during times of healing we need to be held. What holds us, is subject to personal preference. I have my regular Acupuncturist, my other Acupuncturist, Community Acupuncture, my Naturopath, a other Naturopath (yes really), a Psychic/Tarot reader, my astrologer(s), Energy Healers, Massage Therapist(s), Yoga Teachers, Chiropractor, mentors, friends that I talk to, friends that I walk with,  flower shop, local food joint, my couch, bed, favorite tea, and my cat. I healing teamneeded to live alone for a few years on my healing journey, so my 1 bedroom apartment is a HUGE part of my healing team. Then there are plant friends and crystal friends and the Doug Fir tree in my yard and any of the fantastic woods in this area that I go to, and Esther Hicks and Matt Kahn that I listen to on Youtube, and don’t even get me started on the hot springs. All of these things are part of my healing circle.

4) Remove AS MANY harmful influences as you can. This includes limiting or removing the people, places, and things that don’t support your well-being and the nurturing of your true self. Weeding out harmful influences is just as important as what you add in. Stop watching the news, stay away from your alcoholic in-laws, ignore and drift away from that friend who is toxic, leave the job that you hate. A very simple feng shui exercise is to look around at your belongings, EVERYTHING in your house and if it gives you a negative reaction, memory or emotion, GET RID OF IT! The same applies to your life. When we are healing, there is only room for love.

5) Make your whole life an altar toward your desired results. An altar is a place where you can devote your attention toward a specific result. Setting up a physical altar gives us a place to focus this devotion and remind us of our bowl of crystal heartsjourney. You can choose a place in your home, office, or car and decorate it. Include pictures, words, colors, symbols, trinkets, phrases, art, candles, feathers, water, crystals, rocks, and ANYTHING that represents support for your journey and your chosen goal. Don’t limit this attention to the physical altar however. Extend it to your home, your relationships, what you do, what you think, and how you live.

6) Remember to ask for help, you are not alone. We all feel alone sometimes, but we aren’t. If you believe in god(s), angels, or spirit beings; get them on board to help. Talk to them. Listen for them. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you are an energetic being in an energetic universe. The “law of attraction” states that what we think of and feel – we attract. So attract help, health, ease, rest, joy, and nourishment; or whatever you need in this moment. In Ensoflow Shiatsu sessions, I ask clients to breathe into their bodies -to check in with their hearts, bellies, and chakras and to ask these places the question “What do you need right now? What do you want me to know?” Asking questions invites space for answers and clarity to come.

7) Create the time and space for healing. We live in Yang – focused “doing is better” society and though this is shifting, we still have all kinds of beliefs and expectations around accomplishment. Taking the time and space to heal takes  intention and a little bit of “tune in, turn on, drop out” (Tim Leary.) It’s courageous to allow your self to rest, and not-do, as is often required during healing. You may want to sleep more and work less. You might sit on the couch and take walks. Perhaps you prioritize your healing treatments over social activities. You learn to listen to your body’s needs, go WAY inward, and put time into meeting your body’s (and heart and spirit’s) needs. Cooking. staying home. taking baths. meditating. listening. being quiet. Not-doing. Allowing. Becoming. Opening to. Shifting. Transforming. This can be different for everyone.

healing tree8) Recognize the gifts. This journey of healing can bring unexpected gifts. We truly BECOME someone new. Every step allows us to shed something that we are not, and to embrace more of who we are. Dis-ease and illness can connect us to our bodies in a unique way. WE have to spend more time taking care of them.  There are things we learn about ourselves, about life, about others. Inspire yourself by listening to and reading the healing journeys of other people. Maybe get a journal or easel and start to record your own.

9) Use healing affirmations for mind, body, and spirit synergy. An affirmation is a phrase or sentence that affirms the energies of what you are creating in your life. Louise Hay, a pioneer in the metaphysical healing realm, wrote a book called, “You can heal your life.” It is a workbook that teaches you how to identify negative belief systems and use affirmations to create positive ones. I like to create my own. Currently, I am working with “Life supports me,” and “I have everything that I need in order to enjoy and explore this body, this life, and this planet.” Get creative and try some out. If they feel right, you will stick with them, and your life will change.

10) Be patient. True healing is hard work. Whether you are healing something on the physical, mental, or spiritual level – there is always a process. Like the Hero’s Journey, the Healing Journey is a spiral. A healing occurs, and life eases up. Clouds part. Then the other layers that need healing around this issue rise to the surface and cause some kind of conundrum in the outer world. When you feel a re-emergence of symptoms, it HURTS! Plus it can feel scary and trigger fear that we aren’t actually healing. We are though, there are just more layers to clear. If you are getting down, feeling frustrated, or feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere, reach out to your healing team. They can usually see progress and change where we can’t.

Remember, YOU ARE LOVED! Life loves you, and wants to give you whatever you want for yourself. If you want health, then declare it! And buckle up and enjoy the ride….

Watch below how the littles do it!


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  1. Hi Charlie – Inkala here,

    We met last fall at Breitenbush and hiked in the emerald forest (sweet memories of a nourishing and inspiring outing in nature).

    Enjoyed your posting and have forwarded it to Jill, a new friend in Portland that I met last week at a retreat with Jeff Foster at Esalen.

    Many blessings, Inkala

    • Inkala!!!!

      I am headed to Breitenbush tomorrow!!! I wish we could have a hike in the woods. Thanks for forwarding and for reading, please do get in touch next time you are in (or near) town..

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