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“After tearing a disk in my back in a car accident 5 months ago, I began therapeutic massage and 5-element shiatsu with Charlie. Charlie has been the only medical service provider that has helped me in a significant way. Charlie’s extensive skill and well-honed intuition have also resulted in some surprising secondary results. The fine print should read, “May cause bursts of energy, followed by laughter and an unusual sense of well-being.” I would highly recommend Charlie and Ensoflow shiatsu to anyone suffering from ANY ailment. It will truly get to the source. “ (Sarah D., Portland, Oregon)

“I love Ensoflow shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang. Every session I have had with Charlie has brought me surprising results! Charlie’s wisdom exceeds what the client thinks they might need…. Try it, your body will thank you!” (Patricia K., Portland, Oregon)

“Hey Charlie, thanks for the massages and spending extra time with me where I really needed it. I loved it and felt like I was in a happy daze when I left. You are awesome, and I wish I could see you weekly.” (Kelly H., Portland, Oregon)