The KEY to living from your Heart.

Most of us can agree that we live too much in our heads. There are so many thoughts to think, so many decisions to make, so much control we need to have! We all want more peace and security, but  it can be difficult to feel these things when so much is happening in our minds. Luckily, there is a way to live every day with good feelings and that comes from living in the HEART space.

What does it mean to live FROM the heart?

Living from the heart means that we use our main energy source as just that- the source of our energy. Our brains are like  computers, they help us to weigh out options and decide upon courses of   action. It’s amazing that we have them and can develop them. The scope to which we can do that is what separates us from animals.

However, modern society has our brain so turned on that we often lose that integral thing that most animals never do- the ability to CONNECT TO- and live from our hearts.

The way that we have been taught to make decisions in our lives says it all; “weigh all of your options,” “make a list of pros and cons,” “gather information,” “talk it over with people,” “seek additional support,” “Do your research.” All of these actions can be helpful, however, they keep our focus OUTSIDE of our true selves where we can easily get caught up in back and forth, right or wrong, and stuck in the brain, and, DISCONNECTED thinking.

The truth of any situation or decision is always held in the heart, so a much better approach is to access your real truth here. This may be uncharted territory if you are used to living from your head, and can be scary in the beginning. The wisdom of our hearts isn’t always linear, and it doesn’t always make sense to the mind.

If you are new to listening to your heart, you want to devote time to building that relationship. After all, our primary relationship is with our selves, and our hearts are the INSTRUMENT for this relationship. You wouldn’t pick up a guitar that has been laying around for years and play it without tuning it first. Your devotion to your heart will tune YOUR instrument to YOUR truth.

Here is a way to do just that.

First, breathe into your heart. REALLY bring your breath DOWN to this place. You can even bring your hand over your heart so that you can feel both your breath and your heart’s energy. As you breathe in, feel your heart and increase the energy in it. You can visualize a color. I like to use red which brings heat; or green, which brings healing, or white which brings clarity. Once you have picked your color, put this little ball into your heart and when you breathe in, increase the size of that energy-color-ball, and let it decrease back to it’s original size on the exhale. Repeat 3, 5. or 7 times. 3, 5, and 7 are mystical numbers that clue your consciousness into paying attention and allow your body to finish the process.

Next, ask your heart what it needs. We spend a lot of time doing things that we feel we must and taking care of others’ needs. So now is YOUR time. Do the breathing into your heart exercise and ask your heart what it needs. Does it need nature? Alone time? Social time? A new haircut? Self-care? Good food? To dance? A clean house? Listening to and nurturing your heart improves your relationship with your self and puts your life on a different path. This path starts with a better relationship with YOU.

The heart has unlimited potential. As we open our HEARTS to their wisdom and possibility, they can lead us to wonderful new experiences that our heads can’t even fathom.

Which brings us to the ACTION STEP to begin living from our hearts. Letting Go.

Letting go of expectations is the key; our own, those from life, and those from others. This allows us to be in the moment, and to be more present with what’s happening. When you breathe into your heart, you come into the present; and in this moment isn’t everything really OK? We are alive and this is a very precious and wonderful thing. Letting go of stressful thoughts and things frees up space for new positive things and creativity to come into our lives.

Finally, letting go of CONTROL is where we really create space for new possibility and enter some scary ground. Control keeps us safe (or so we think). It feels safe. When we let that go, things get unknown and we lose what we think offers us stability. However, if we can take that step, we can find a new security in the communication with our hearts and the relationship that develops in tuning our instruments to it. After all, life might have something even BETTER than we can THINK of out there for us. Isn’t that exciting?


In health,