Somatic Coaching

Five Element Somatic Health Coaching

  90 minute Initial Visit – $125

60 minute Return Visit – $75

(Return visits are 1/2 price$37.50 per session –  thru December!)

*Please note that Initial Visits are not required for current Shiatsu clients.

Five Element Somatic Health Coaching empowers you to live more fully and freely in your body while you experience more Joy, Abundance, Connection, Peace, and Purpose. 

5 Element Somatic Coaching is based in the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, Chakra Energetics, Diet, Lifestyle, Somatic concepts, and Stress factors. Coaching helps you to identify the stagnant, stuck, and deficient energies associated with your stress, pain, discomfort and dis-ease; and gives you techniques to release them. Be your best you!

SHC starts with a brief intake / check-in and Energetic Assessment. You will be asked about your emotions, stress, physical health problems, spiritual path issues, and places where you feel stuck.

You will then be guided into your body. This may involve breathing, meditation, and gentle movement. Once we identify the core places where these issues are showing up in your body, we can start to unravel their needs. We will use active techniques such as breath, visualization, and somatic therapeutics to release negative patterns and recreate supportive ideas. 

You will leave feeling grounded, lighter, and clear; and you will be working to develop a new relationship with your body. 

***Loose comfortable clothing is best but not required.


Continuing Education and Mentoring for Licensed Massage Therapists

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Shiatsu Diagnostics – The Five Element method   (Intermediate Level)

Structural Shiatsu – Using pain patterns and kinesiology to inform a Shiatsu treatment plan (intermediate level)

Working with emotions during a session – Five Element Somatic methods  (intermediate)

The Chakra system – An introduction to working with the Chakras in a session

Health Empowerment classes for the community

The body as doctor, The Seasons as guide – A Five Element Health Empowerment group   (6 week class) –