Five Element Shiatsu Class 2014

Five Element Shiatsu 18 CEU class – WED Sept 24-October 29th 2014 at the Naga Center in Portland, Oregon !



This Five Element shiatsu massage class is for massage therapists, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, naturopaths, and acupuncturists. Want to know if this class is for you? Call or email and we can talk it over. Students need to have a knowledge of the body and have taken anatomy.


In this 18 CEU class we will explore basic Eastern concepts which are the foundation of chinese medicine. Five Element shiatsu is a japanese form that is precise, energetic and specific. This is the method that I will teach you from, although, my hopes are that you will take these methods and principles and add them to your work to enhance both yours and your clients’ experience. 

Five element shiatsu is performed in odd numbers, believing that the body will complete the “message” of the work with it’s own answer. A meridian or point is worked once, three times, 5, 7, or 9. 


We attempt to identify and support a person’s core element, aka “essence;” while working to identify and release the blockages that were formed in response to original “wounds.” The goal is to increase and balance the life force by working specific points and chosen meridians. 


Each week we will discuss an element (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire) and it’s associated Yin and Yang organs. You will learn the points, meridian, stretches, palming and thumbing positions for both meridians in an element. We will also discuss all of the expressions of the element, including: sound, direction, color, emotion, part of body, physical and psychological function and organ anatomy. 


We will  assess the “Hara” and work directly with the abdomen to learn and practice feeling these energies and to connect the organ energy with it’s meridian expression. 


During class we will assess our own, each others’, and our clients’ symptoms that are showing up out of balance within the element of topic as well as the ones before. We will  then discuss their relationship with the generation and control cycles, while focusing on the mother and child. 


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