Ensoflow Shiatsu

Enso flow Shiatsu is the natural outgrowth of years of training and experience in Eastern Five Element Bodywork, Western Massage and Energy Work. It is a combination of Five Element Shiatsu, Tui Na, Reflexology, Meditation and Visualization, Western Structural Massage and Chi Nei Tsang.

Enso is a word that describes a Japanese symbol which means “circle.” Flow describes the act of moving with unbroken continuity. Ensoflow Shiatsu attempts to bring healing and homeostasis to a person by working with the energy along meridian lines, which is the same system used in Acupuncture.

Here is a diagram, showing the movement of QI within the five elements and the system I use to bring health, relaxation, pain relieft and balance to you. Zang Fu Organ System Chart.

Ensoflow Shiatsu has a few modalities as the basis of the work. Five Element Shiatsu, Tui NA, Chi Nei Tsang, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy and Reflexology. Read about the descriptions here:



Five Element Shiatsu is traditionally performed fully clothed on a floor mat, which is how i prefer to offer sessions. Shiatsu involves stretching and manipulation of the energies that flows throughout your body (and in your muscles!) called meridians. These are the same energy pathways that are used in Acupuncture. By tonifying, draining, and moving Qi flow, the body comes into greater balance; improving health and giving the receiver a sense of well-being and overall health. This work also sends an energetic message to the body, which the body then takes and attempts to match, creating a new version of homeostasis, or balance in the body.




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The second modality that is integral to Ensoflow shiatsu is Chi Nei Tsang. Traditionally performed on a table or mat, this is focused Five Element abdominal energetic ORGAN massage. The organs hold tension and energies that affect every aspect of our lives. Direct manipulation of the organs and energetic release and balancing has a profound effect on the homeostasis of the body/mind/spirit. This work also assists the body to detoxify and improve overall posture and health. In my experience, a person who wants deeper release of stress, tension, and/or the movement of a long standing issue in their body will respond really well to Chi Nei Tsang. Because the organs hold emotion, thoughts, and long standing patterns (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical!), some attention, balance and release in this area can help transform ANY issue that presents in the body.






The third modality that is integral to Ensoflow Shiatsu is Tui Na.
Tui na when translated means, push/pull. Tui Na massage is designed to restore normal range of motion and increase blood circulation to painful joints and muscles. The types of conditions that tui na massage treats are generally muscular and structural in nature. Tuina massage uses deep tissue massage and active release techniques as well as joint mobilization and stretching. Massage promotes blood flow and allows irritated muscles to relax. This increases circulation to assist the body in detoxifying lactic acid and carbon dioxide from muscles.





Other modalities that are included in Ensoflow Shiatsu are myofacial release, cranio-sacral therapy, chakra balancing, trigger point therapy, and guided relaxation. Each session is unique, and designed to address the needs and requests of the client. The work is profound and transformational!


Why should I get SHIATSU?

Most people get shiatsu for the same reason that they get a western massage. They want to feel better in their bodies. This is the purpose of bodywork. We want to access your body and help you to feel better in it. The body is your vehicle to move in this world. As such, your body is often the receiver of the messages from your mind, emotions and spirit. Shiatsu is multi-level work that helps you to access and move the energies that have settled into your body, freeing up more space for your body to just be your body. Ever get a massage because your shoulders hurt but you come out feeling much lighter, stress free, and able to take on the challenges of your life? EVERY shiatsu session is like that.

Shiatsu can treat a number of conditions, including: pain, anxiety, headaches, depression, insomnia, injury rehabilitation, fatigue, digestive problems, muscle pain, joint problems, irritability, frustration, anxiety, easily catching colds, constipation, women’s health,  and migraines.


The Ensoflow Shiatsu mission.


My goal as a practitioner is to listen to your body and help to balance energies that are imbalanced; in order to bring greater homeostasis and healing potential. Because this work is energetic in nature, what happens during a session is an IMPRINT; a message for your body to hear and continue to adjust toward afterwords.

My goal as an educator is to help YOU listen to your body and learn to hear messages of imbalance and use foods, herbs, and actions to heal imbalances/symptoms and CREATE BETTER HEALTH in your body and life.


What will I feel after the session?

Again, SHIATSU is bodywork, so the goal is to feel good in your body. Most people report a profound state of connection, relaxation, and freedom in their bodies after a session. I also hope that due to using energetics as well as the physical, you will FEEL BETTER LONGER than another type of massage.

Because we will be working with the energies of your organs, you will start to understand SYMPTOMS as MESSAGES that your body is giving you and begin to LISTEN with greater comfort, knowing that your body wants to heal.

Shiatsu helps you to understand the connection between symptoms and pain so that you can experience greater health and freedom in your body.


Many people think pain and dis-ease are nagging problems and indications that their bodies are failing them. This is something that we are subconsciously taught. The truth, however is that our bodies are our vehicles, and they are intelligent and have so much to say. What SHIATSU can do is give you a new language to communicate with your body.

When you come into the session with a symptom like shoulder pain, and we identify the meridian involved, open it, and you feel it throughout your body, as well as the energy that’s actually in the organ, you make the connection in your body between that meridian, it’s energy, and whats going on in your body and life. You can learn to trust your body’s wisdom and find a little more peace in the experience of being YOU.