Couples massage class


LEARN Couples Massage the Ensoflow Shiatsu way!


This class is not JUST for couples. It is for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and experience of Therapeutic Touch and increase their ability to help another feel better. 


In the Two Hour Intro Class you will:

  • LEARN basic anatomy – bones, muscles, joints, fascia and organs and how to find them.
  • LEARN and PRACTICE basic techniques to relieve common tension patterns : low back pain, neck tension, shoulder pain/tension, headaches.
  • LEARN how to give a basic foot massage and basic reflexology
  • PRACTICE a few styles of therapeutic touch.
  • ENHANCE your ability to listen to another’s body and ease their tension.

 $150 for a 2 hour, individual instruction couples massage class!


***THIS is a PRIVATE class for TWO people. I have availability to teach this class days, evenings, and weekends. Please call or email to schedule. 


Advanced, continuing and specific classes are also available. Please INQUIRE!

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