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The Healing Power of your Organs


As a shiatsu practitioner, I have been studying the energetics of healing for many years. I study and work with Qi, the life force energy of the universe that moves throughout our bodies via meridians. Meridians are like highways

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The KEY to living from your Heart.

Most of us can agree that we live too much in our heads. There are so many thoughts to think, so many decisions to make, so much control we need to have! We all want more peace and security, but  it can be difficult to feel these things when so much is happening in our minds. Luckily, there is a way to live every day with good

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Winter and the element of WATER

Seasonal Update:
Winter and The Element of Water

The kidney and Bladder meridians and a party of YIN.

Winter is the time when the yang energy has retreated and we get a rise in the deep, dark YIN. I know you can feel it. It’s cold… it’s dark….. it’s slow….. and not much is moving.

In the body, our energies go deeper into the organs and bones. We cultivate warmth and regeneration through REST. We

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