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Is your Psoas causing your back pain?

psoas muscle

Many people think that having back pain is a sign or a weak or “bad” back. The truth is, although vertebrae and tendons can become weak, the bigger part of the story is often held in the balance of muscles that hold the vertebrae in place and keep our bodies in motion. To ensure a healthy back, the muscles that attach read more

Hydrogen Peroxide – a cold season home remedy

Using Hydrogen peroxide in your ears is an amazing way to kick out a cold/flu/virus before it takes hold in your system. How does it work? Well according to the late Andreas Moritz, a renowned healer, colds/flus/viruses enter into the system through the EARS! So, adding peroxide to the ears can STOP these germs in their tracks and get it out of your system. The best time to do this peroxide trick is when you first notice any symptoms of a cold/flu/virus.

This involves you being a good health detective for your self and paying attention to your body. When a person first acquires a cold/flu/virus, symptoms like dry, scratchy throat, pain in the ears, headaches, stiff neck, fuzzy head, sniffles are all potential symptoms that your body is fighting something. If this is the case, try the peroxide trick and Don't get sick!