I have been practicing Therapeutic Massage since 2006, when I graduated from the nation’s oldest Massage Therapy school “The Swedish Institute” in NYC. Based on my in-depth study of both Shiatsu and Medical Massage, I developed a unique style of integrative bodywork that I call Ensoflow Shiatsu. Enso is the word for a Japanese symbol that means ‘circle.’ Ensoflow Shiatsu brings the “circle of flow” to a person’s energy and body. Where Qi Flows, there is no pain.”

Ensoflow Shiatsu is a combination of Eastern and Western Massage Therapy along with guided Breath-work and Visualization. Each session is tailored to a person’s needs at the time – and may include the following techniques: Five Element Shiatsu, Tui Na, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal organ massage,) Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Structural Massage, Somatic Visualization, Chakra Balancing, and Guided Breathing. Sessions can be given more gently or work with deeper tissues, depending on preference. They often include both!

I see the treatment room as a sacred space where people can bring their wholes selves to be heard, let go, receive, and feel safe. The focus of every session is to treat acute conditions like pain or dis-ease within the context of greater health and well-being. Since true healing occurs within the connection of Mind, Body, and Spirit, I intend to synthesize these within bodywork sessions. The ultimate goal of Ensoflow Shiatsu is to bring people more presence and comfort in their bodies; which brings more presence and comfort in their lives.

I am currently studying Classical Chinese Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine; as well as Worsley Five Element Acupuncture with David Berkshire, LAc and Eric Hartmann, LAc. In my free time I enjoy cooking, Yoga, dancing, hiking, spiritual practice, and exploring the wonderful nature in the Pacific Northwest. I also spend time creating new ways to play with my very athletic goddess cat, Athena.