Do you feel a connection with your body? Your heart? Your Spirit? Your Organs? Would you like to?

I use the five element system of chinese medicine to help you balance and navigate the energies within you to create better health. For most people that means feeling better in the moment and for everyone it means improving your health and your relationship to your body.

The five element system involves ELEMENTS (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.) Each  element includes a YIN and a YANG organ with a specific physical, energetic, seasonal, directional, emotional and mental function. These 12 major MERIDIANS (energetic pathways of the organ) are what I work to balance in Ensoflow Shiatsu. The energy of your body is never separate from the physical and thus, we can look at both to see how to get things in balance and get you feeling good.

Have you ever felt that vital force that IS you, working it’s magic in your life? That vital force is QI and it is the force that runs throughout the whole universe. I want to help you understand it, by understanding your self.

I fell in love with the five elements the minute that I stepped into SHIATSU class during my first week of massage school. First, I loved that we crawled around on mats. It felt like home to me. When they told us in western massage class that we all needed to go out and buy a table, EVERY fiber of my being said, “No I don’t.”

five elementsThen I fell in love with the elements. That each one represented a season. That they carried and emotion. That they had a smell, taste, direction, part of the body they govern, color. That in the five element system, they both fed each other- one after one, and challenged or controlled the ones across. That is the mother is weak, she can’t feed the child. That if the child is sick, it will drain the energy of the mother. And so on.

When we are stressed in an area of our life, the associated organ energy will be stressed. The body part governed will be affected. You will likely wear or be drawn to the associated color, and you will probably crave the associated flavor. I can use the five elements to not only help your body feel better, but I can help you CHANGE YOUR ENERGY, which will have a deeper and longer lasting effect. In fact, your LIFE might change.

Do you believe that your body can heal whatever conditions that you are confronted with?

Your body and mind are not separate. In fact, your body is an extension of your mind, which is an extension of your spirit, which is an extension of the universe.  Much like earth, our bodies are planets that have a relationship of all of the elements within them. To stay in Health, these elements must be in balance.

As a child, I was both healthy and sick. I was an athlete, with a strong constitution, but I constantly had colds and flus; strep throat. I thought you just got sick all the time. But one day something clicked inside me. I had gotten strep throat 1-3 times a year my whole life. Here at age 13 I had it again and instead of going in for my tri-annual dose of antibiotics, i told my mother “No,” and I started drinking a ton of orange juice. I got better.

This of course changed me. I became less reliant on the doctor and more reliant on my own intuition. I learned to pay attention to what my body needed. I didn’t get sick as often.

After college, I began meditating and learning to cook healthy food. Gardening. Doing yoga. It was around this time that I inherited a dog who became ill and I learned how to heal her with food and supplements.

This brought me to my own health revolution. If diet, supplements and homeopathy could help my dog so much, what could it do for me?

mind body spiritI have been on a lifelong journey to REALLY heal myself since that time. I was exploring alternative medicine while working in an Integrative Health Clinic in Syracuse, NY when I received my first massage – and WOAH I couldn’t believe how different my body felt after. I was so interested in the body after this; the fact that with touch you could adjust someone’s energy and form and help them experience feeling better in their body.

Not long after that, I decided to go to massage school. At the Swedish Institute in NYC is where I fell in love with Shiatsu and chinese medicine in the form of human touch.

When I was first out of school, I did a lot of deep tissue / medical massage. I worked in a pain clinic on Wall street where I saw patients weekly for 3 years. I treated many different conditions and worked with a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and PT – but I noticed that it wasn’t often that people would actually HEAL from their pain. Once I started using Shiatsu in my sessions, people got better. Their problems healed. When I started adding visualization into my work, helping them to connect the areas of life represented by their pain and stuckness,  their EMOTIONS healed. Their outlook on life changed. They became brighter, lighter, and happier.

This is where I began to take Shiatsu more seriously and use it more in my practice.

Today, I do exclusively five element based work- Shiatsu, Chi nei tsang, and Tui Na. I offer wellness consultations for people and pets, and continue to receive five element acupuncture and shiatsu (and chiropractic care and cranio-sacral therapy) for my own transformation and healing.

I do yoga and Qi gong, bike, play, dance, and spend time in nature. I continue to study my own body and consciousness, as well as that of others.

My passion lies in helping people to make connections between their physical issues, mental /emotional state, and their life experience; and to assist them in making adjustments when necessary.  I look forward to teaching people how to “be your own doctor” by learning and using the five elements and listening to the body’s messages.

I look forward to going on this journey with you!

In health,


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