Ensoflow Shiatsu is Bodywork that is based in the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, Somatic Awareness, and Structural Massage.

I offer deep presence,

Intuition and

Eastern and Western based Therapeutic Techniques

to assist you in bringing Awareness, Breath, Qi and Healing into places that are calling for transformation.

My goal is to help YOU to discover and trust your body’s wisdom. I do that by working with your acute conditions in order to make deeper connections so that you can really heal.

Welcome to your TRUE healing potential!

* My studio a comfortable, safe place for you to let go and receive healing in the best way that you need. *


Here’s what you can expect:

Ensoflow Shiatsu is based in the theory and technique of Five Element Shiatsu, Somatic bodywork and Therapeutic Massage. Each session is specifically tailored for a client’s needs at the time. During an Ensoflow Shiatsu session, clients wear loose comfortable (think yoga or tai chi) clothing and will lay face down on a bodycushion support system and face up on a comfortable mat.

 I will guide you to bring your breath, mind, and intention into areas of stagnation while I use tsubo (Acupressure) points and massage techniques to improve the flow of QI throughout your body. This awakens your energetic (Qi) life force presence. People often leave my studio feeling deeply relaxed and experiencing well-being, and go home to experience a few days of integration before feeling COMPLETELY RENEWED.

shiatsu massage therapy

My intention is always to:

1) SUPPORT your core essence and vital force
2) SHIFT any blocks to the full expression of your True Self, and
3) RELAX the forces that you developed to deal with these original wounds.

Ensoflow Shiatsu  is:

  • Energetically Appropriate – I meet you where you are at and tailor the session to where you and your body want to go.
  • A Modern Take on Ancient Healing- Eastern Medicine and Five Element theory has been around for 5000 years!
  • Unlimited-  The potential for healing is always based on our potential to allow it; and let go of and receive new energy.
  • Deeply Nourishing – Your mind, body, and soul will receive presence and care in a way that will allow you to feel deeply nourished.

Want to know if Ensoflow Shiatsu is right for you? Call or email for a free consultation.